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How to bet on La Liga

Spanish’s top tier of football is one of the most popular leagues in world football, largely down to the fact that it plays host to two of the biggest clubs on the globe; Barcelona and Real Madrid. Football fans from around the world tune in to watch the games, due to the competitive nature of the league, betting is ripe and there are opportunities for big wins.

Down to the popularity of the league, there is always betting, from a wide range of betting companies so it is always worth shopping around before deciding on your tip. There are outright betting markets that run over the course of season, as well as in-play markets.

Individual Game Betting

Like other national leagues there is an array of individual match bets, depending on what you are looking to bet on.  The most common of all the betting markets is the match result. This is easily done as you are just selecting the end result of the game, whether a home win, draw or away win. You should always bear in mind that this is for the 90 minutes, so should you be betting on a cup game you should be aware of this.

Another popular type of betting is Asian handicapping, this is selecting a winner of the match while each team carrying a goals handicap. This is typically the best way to bet on Barcelona and Real Madrid as they have a tendency to score a lot of goals and beat some teams easily. Total over and under goals is another popular market, this is simply betting whether there will be over a specific amount of goals.

La Liga Outright Winners

This would be the most popular way of betting on an outright situation, you are picking between all the teams in the league and trying to select who will finish first. Although, you realistically have the choice of three- Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The odds on this market change throughout the season depending on how the teams are performing, whether they have injuries to key players or if they have signed new players.

There is more money to be had on different outright betting within Spain, a market which shows that is the ‘Betting without Big Three’ segment.

Betting Without Big Three

It goes without saying that there is an imbalance in Spanish football between the big three and the rest. This makes this market an attractive proposition. It is a smart way of betting as it takes the better teams out of the equation, and then you have to select who would finish highest of the rest of the teams in the league.

Finishing within the top four is a massive achievement for all teams in Spain as it offers a place in the following seasons Champions League. Unlike many other countries, La Liga has a big fight between four or five teams for that final place. There are typically the likes of Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao who are among the contenders.


Relegation Fight

A place in the top league in Spain is highly thought of and is a proper battle between sides at the bottom in order to stay in the division. Much like the battle for fourth, there is a choice of around four or five clubs that are typically in the relegation battle. This makes the betting markets very competitive and a good way of making profit should you select to place a bet in this market.

This market gives the most knowledgeable of punters the best chance as they are able to research the teams and spot a possible price that would appeal to them. Much like all the other outright betting, the prices of teams can change throughout the season- making it important to find potential shock relegations quickly, as the price would quickly become much shorter.

It is always worth noting the fixtures, if a team that you suspect to be in a relegation fight in May are playing Real Madrid and Barcelona in their last two games, you would think there would be a good chance that they will be dropping down into the second tier. It also goes the opposite way, if a team looks dead in the water but have a favourable run of fixtures in the back end of the season, it might be worth placing a bet on them. All things to keep in mind when betting in the relegation market.

Top Scorer Markets

This is one of the most competitive markets in the whole of football, mainly down to the amount of attacking stars that are playing in Spain. It is always worth looking at the teams that are likely to be competing for the honours when selecting a player to be top scorer- mainly because they will score more goals.

In Spain because you have the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, you have a wide range of choices. You have Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema and Antoine Griezmann just to name a few. This also offers value on top players, especially if one of the favourites picks up a long injury. Should Messi get injured for Barcelona, the solid bet would be for Suarez to fill that void. It is always worth keeping an eye on who is playing every game.

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