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How to bet on Formula One

While it may not be the most popular moto sport in the US, Formula One certainly attracts a huge following around the globe and every race is being watched by fans globally. In recent years, online betting has increased its popularity and now formula one is one of the favorite sports in the world that people chose to bet on.

However, it does not allow a wide spectrum of possible bets for you so in this article we will suggest which type of bets there are in Formula One and how to profit of of them.

A simplest way of betting on these kind of events is to bet on the eventual winner of the race. The problem with F1 is that surprises are not really a thing and in very few cases we have an underdog or a second-tier driver winning the race.

The consequence of this is that the odds are very small most of the time, especially if we are talking about regular favorites (Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel). Trying to combine this with some other F1 events is recommended, which we will discuss in the following paragraph.

Don’t try to rely on pole position in every race – the pole position drivers win in about 60% of the whole season. In addition, it depends on the circuit itself – not all allow the same freedom of surpassing your opponent, which is why a quality research of the race prior to bet is crucial.

Besides the winner, it is also possible to bet on the podium finishers. Here is usually a situation more complicated and therefore somewhat higher odds are in the game. While the winner and runner up vary very little over a course of a season, third place is usually very much in the air for the season and you can grab your chance there, by researching the stats of your desired driver, his records on that circuit, team position etc. It can become lucrative if you find the chances better than the presented odds, so watch out for this bet.

Driver matchups is an exciting format of betting and gives you the opportunity to increase value of your final bet. You will be able to pick a winner only against a certain driver in a race. For example, the bet suggests Verstappen vs Kimi and you need to bet on one of those drivers to finish higher in the race.

This might be useful, because while the first two-three spots in the race are pretty much the same every race, others vary and it is your turn to profit from it. It is sometimes interesting to see drivers around places eight to twelve compete it this bet, because there is usually not much difference between the constructors and all comes down to the driving skills they possess.

Formula One is not a difficult sport to bet on, but if you are to win serious money, you must dig to find the best odds for you and risk more than on some other sports. Analyzing the market and available sportbooks is necessary if you are to succeed in this sport.

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