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The first thing you should do if you’re going to start betting. It is you have to control some things how much your plan is to play for? How do you want to play? What you want to play on? Which selection of games the bookmaker should have. You can check our review of bookmakers, and maybe find out where you want to start.

Money management

Account of each sport and the league you are playing now. It’s a good way to find out if you make a profit in the current league. The fluctuations can also be great here, so it’s about doing your homework and keeping the accounts up to date.

Your Bankroll

Your bankroll is the amount you have allocated to play for. It’s always good to make a bankroll before you start playing to control which game you have to put on. So you do not just figure out an amount you just think. It’s about focusing on a stable bankroll. Bookmakers also deliver more bets, so it’s about being where the value is high.

Stats, facts, news = find Value

When we find value, you’ll find the match, look at stats, shape, injuries, tweets, club news, the table. Based on all the statistics we can find out of it – We then use to gain value in our bet if we think we have seen something the bookmaker should have overlooked.

Units system

How do units work? Units 1-10, the value. 1 is minimal value on the game, bookmaker’s advantage or close game. 10 units will be a game where you have some data that the bookmaker does not have. And when the games come after the entry comes out, the value in the game drops. And therefore, units are not the same value if the game is placed at a lower price.

Live betting

Live betting is getting bigger and bigger, the fluctuations make it incredibly fast and many place based on little data, the markets in each match will be better, there can be over 110 bets on a match. Bet365 is the largest and most used we use them. Unibet, has very much tennis on live. There is a lot of life with all bookmakers. But the range varies.

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